Stand out in a competitive market by Joseph Ashford | Joe Ashford
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Stand out in a competitive market by Joseph Ashford

Stand out in a competitive market by Joseph Ashford

Do you want to stand out in a competitive market? Overcoming this competition is possible but you will need the knowledge to do so, and this is where we come in with our years of experience and know-how. Joseph Ashford, local CEO and business man, is the expert when it comes to all things business.

Ways to stand out business wise Stand out in a competitive market by Joseph Ashford

All businesses are experiencing high levels of competition nowadays remarked our in-house guru Joseph Ashford and it is becoming harder for businesses to stay afloat. If you have the desire to succeed, then you will need to keep reading this blog for all the information you need to get ahead of your competitors.

Create an online impression

Joe Ashford has stressed during our interviews that having a website is CRUCIAL, read that again CRUCIAL for businesses to survive in the 21st century. The internet is a marketplace in its own right and is teeming with opportunities left, right and centre. Customers will search for your business on the internet and check reviews if you offer services or products, to check that you exist and that you are a credible company.

The internet is also the place to be if you want to expand into other areas that are not local to you with the help of marketing campaigns. It is also the place to be to create your backstory says Joseph Ashford and brand which the website will do on your behalf.

Listen to the client

Remember that old phrase ‘the customer is always right’? Well, Joe Ashford likes you to remember this phrase as you read this blog because it is very appropriate to this discussion.  Joseph Ashford advises that you should listen to your client and get to know them because it will be very important. It doesn’t matter if you are an existing or new business, the clients form a huge backbone of sales and will be important.

Yet you should understand what the clients wants, what they are happy with and areas they think you could improve. From here, you can then begin improvements and become a more well-rounded business owner. Joe Ashford is a big believer of customer power and helping them get what they want.

Sell the outcome not the process

Joseph Ashford believes that while it is important to inform customers about the processes involved in your services as it will help them understand what they are getting. However, not all customers are interested and will want to know how your work is going to best help them. So this is where you have to sell the outcome and not the process of your work.

Joseph Ashford has summed up the consumer’s mindset and unveiled what they really want to know from you:

  • Benefits of service
  • Prices and whether these are competitive
  • How quickly can the service/product be delivered?
  • Reasons why your company is better than others
  • Be the best value not the lowest price

Recognise buying signals

An obvious statement but it again cannot be ignored says Joseph Ashford; you should be aware of when a customer is dubious about making a sale. Often, people are tentative and need a little bit of persuasion to make the sale. With a good sales team and marketing plans who are knowledgeable about the product but also able to sense the doubt – this will play into your favour. Joseph Ashford believes that this combination of skills is vital for most businesses.

Ask for the sale says Joe Ashford. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries and really get the sale as it could make a difference to your life and that of your customers. Recognising doubt is essential for business owners as customers may go elsewhere if you are too pushy. There is a fine line says Joseph Ashford that you have to toe but it takes time to learn this.

Final thoughts

Joseph Ashford believes that it is very possible to stand out in a competitive market, but you have to possess the gall and know-how to overcome the many obstacles. It can be defeating at first and sometimes it may seem impossible as the competition increases between you and your rivals. Joe Ashford states that staying the course of the path will prove worthwhile in the long-run.