Risk prevention by Joseph Ashford | Business tips by Joe Ashford
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risk prevention by joseph ashford

Risk prevention by Joseph Ashford

Risk is a fact of life and occurs in all walks of life and particularly in business. Over the course of this blog with tips from our very own Joseph Ashford, you will learn more about risk prevention and the subject of risk management.

What exactly is risk prevention? risk prevention by joseph ashford

Risk prevention can be loosely defined as techniques and practices used to manage then prevent risks in any given area. Risk itself refers to exposure to harmful factors which may result in loss, injury, or health issues to name a few. In a business situation, this can be used to refer to many subjects such as fraud, employee sickness, workplace hazards and much more.

Joseph Ashford has been the CEO of several organisations and is well-respected in the business community for his knowledge and contribution. With many years of experience in business, he has experienced and managed risks in different workplaces. The expertise brought by Joseph Ashford will help businesses like yours take control of dangers before they occur.

What is a risk assessment?

A risk assessment is a vital process in risk prevention and will equip your company with the necessary skills to anticipate and deal with hazards. Very often, this process can be broken up into the following components:

  • Identification of threats relevant to industry/workplace
  • Analysis of hazards and risks that may arise
  • Plans to control or eliminate hazards and their risks
  • Education for employee on said risks

The above list has come from Joseph Ashford who has helped to minimise many risks during his time as a CEO to many businesses. In his opinion, businesses must do their utmost best to reduce the effects of risks as this will have a positive impact on the business on the whole.

Types of risks

Joseph Ashford would recommend that you are informed about the different types of risks that could affect your business. Keep reading the list below and even if the examples/risks don’t apply to your business, it is a good education.

Physical risks

Physical risks relating to the workplace environment are the most common. Fire is a common risk in buildings and remains a real danger for businesses; in some industries, chemical spills are a bigger risk. Ways to minimise risk in your property are listed for your convenience underneath:

  • Ensure employees are aware of safety procedures and evacuation point
  • Equip property with fire alarms and sprinklers
  • Make every person aware of fire exit points
  • Provide proper equipment to deal with chemicals

Technological risks

Nowadays, technology has really become an intrinsic part of our lives, and it has changed the business environment for ever says Joseph Ashford. This comes with its own risks such as malfunction, loss of documents, power outage and increased risk of electric shock. Risk can be minimised by investing in good equipment, ensure it is tested regularly, and use low-voltage solutions. Investing in back-up systems will also be useful.


You should also make sure that you are adequately insured for any types of risks that could occur in your building/workplace or industry. There are many insurance companies on the market with solutions tailored at risk prevention. This can help to reduce liability in the event of an accident.


Overall, we hope that you have enjoyed reading our fantastic blog post on risk prevention courtesy of tips from Joseph Ashford. We also hope this post gave you some ideas to help improve safety in your workplace.