Public relations by Joseph Ashford | Joe Ashford
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Public relations by Joseph Ashford

Public relations by Joseph Ashford

Do you have a business? If your reputation isn’t what it should be or your products/services haven’t been selling like you want, then you may need a detailed public relations campaign. Joseph Ashford has compiled some of his thoughts into a blog post for the benefits of businesses and individuals. Public relations by Joseph Ashford

So what exactly is PR?

To give its full name Public Relations (PR for short as known in the industry) has been defined by Wikipedia as the activity where information and its’ spread between individuals/organisations and the general public. These organisations can include governments, media agencies, businesses and many more.

A PR will be in charge of communications from the individual or organisation with its target audience whether this is through direct or indirect means. The overall goal will be to create and preserve the reputation of said client.

Joseph Ashford has many years of experience in using PR for business purposes. His experience as a CEO to different companies has proved vital in developing his understanding of the powerful impact that a well-structured PR campaign can have for individuals and businesses. Joseph Ashford also believes that PR individuals and agencies are essential in helping a musical act break into the public’s consciousness.

Reputation management

Sometimes, businesses and individuals have the misfortune to attain a bad reputation which can lead to all kinds of problems. It is Joseph Ashford’s belief that businesses and individuals should be given a second chance to prove themselves. Through a well-crafted PR campaign, the reputation of a business can be improved or managed in a positive light.

A common way in which businesses improve their reputation is through charity events. Benevolent acts are a wonderful way of improving public relations. This could be a donation to your favourite charity, running a marathon or a charity event such as Macmillan Coffee Morning which is popular with many offices.

With the rise of the internet, it has become more and more important for businesses to ensure their reputation is managed as it is easy for honest businesses to be besmirched. A PR individual or agency can help keep your business’ reputation online whether this is through forums, posts, independent companies and many more.

Types of PR

The very-nature of PR is extremely diverse and can refer to the following:

  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Public appearances
  • Tweets or posts
  • Blog
  • Visiting public events

What does a PR specialist do?

Through his experience, Joseph Ashford has seen first-hand the competitive nature of businesses in different markets. As you will be aware it is important to stay ahead of the competition and great PR is a way to keep ahead. A good PR team or individual will communicate to your target audience and sell your products/services in a positive light.

Joe Ashford believes that if you have a strong public image, this is something that your audience will gravitate to as you will have built a relationship. The result of which will lead to high sales for your business which is always an added bonus for any company. As a result, Joseph Ashford believes it is worth investing in public relations.