Marketing trends for 2017 by Joseph Ashford | Joe Ashford
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Marketing trends for 2017

We sat down with our Marketing Guru Joseph today to find out his marketing trends for 2017 predictions. 2016 has been a rollercoaster year for marketing with tried-and-tested techniques being turned on their heads.

2017’s key marketing trends you need to get on board with

2017 promises to be a big year for marketing with many factors such as content still reigning. However, Joseph Ashford has sat down with the team to talk about some of the things you have to watch out for in 2017.

Marketing trends for 2017 - Joseph Ashford


It is no secret that people love a personal touch. Joseph Ashford has recognised in this ever-changing world the little touches such as personalised emails and offers tailored to that person can make a business stand out from the competition. If you tailor your content and marketing strategies to individuals – it can bring great rewards.

A famous example of personalisation that has worked wonders in the marketing field is Coca-Cola’s personalised bottles of Cola. Joe Ashford noted that this campaign worked wonders for Coca-Cola whose revenues increased over the long-term. A key reason why revenues increased Joseph Ashford was that it created a deep-seated psychological impact on the consumer.

Marketing with impact

Joseph Ashford stated in our recent interviews that marketing must have a psychological impact otherwise, it may not have the desired effect. There are many ways of creating campaigns with impact but it has to be unique to your audience and marketing aims says Joe Ashford. The touch points will be individual to a marketing campaign. The streamlining of a process is one way to make customers more responsive.

Augmented reality

Another trend for marketing 2017 that Joseph Ashford has identified is augmented reality or AR for short. Not to be confused with virtual reality, AR refers to the process in which digital information is integrated with a user’s real-life environment for an experience that is like no other. One such example that really took off in 2016 is Pokémon Go.

Joe Ashford says that “It will be a slow process but the market for AR will slowly develop and become a popular tool for businesses,” after researching the topic in a deep fashion that he is most accustomed to. Joseph Ashford then continued “If more businesses invest in AR, the prices will surely plummet which will make it more affordable for medium-level businesses and above.”

Native advertising

Native advertising refers to disguised advertising used predominantly for the online market. It is a customisable form of marketing that is adapted to the individual platform. Joseph Ashford has recognised this is a big marketing trend for 2017 and will only get bigger.

Videos and live streaming

Joseph Ashford believes that videos are the way forward for businesses and marketing. He summed of the key points underneath:

  • Videos are being pushed by Google
  • Video content is massively popular
  • Appeals to a highly visual audience
  • Live streaming videos will become huge


With 2016 over, the marketing battlefield has morphed into a slightly different says Joseph Ashford. 2017 will be a real test with old ways being replaced by the news. Stay tuned for more tips and marketing insight for your business.