Grow your business with inbound marketing by Joseph Ashford
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Grow your business with inbound marketing by Joseph Ashford

Grow your business with inbound marketing by Joseph Ashford

Do you want to know how to grow your business with inbound marketing? Our resident advisor Joseph Ashford has offered his thoughts on inbound marketing in a manner that is accessible to everyone. If you are novice, you will find this blog article extremely informative.

What is inbound marketing? Grow your business with inbound marketing by Joseph Ashford

Inbound marketing refers to the strategy used to generate business and raise awareness of a company’s brand. This is done through the creation and distribution of specific content with the aim of raising customer awareness which will later turn into leads. This is a stark contrast to traditional methods of marketing like outbound marketing which relied on going out and grabbing the customer’s attention with flyers, cold-calling, adverts and more.

Before we get started – a mindset change

You are probably sat there thinking why should I use inbound marketing when my existing methods get me business? Joe Ashford believes that this is the wrong approach and is not conducive to your marketing aims. You will need to change your thinking into a positive mindset and embrace change before committing yourself to growing your business.

Joseph Ashford, a senior businessman is here to help us with his years of expertise at all levels of business. It is his belief that businesses need to analyse and then change their marketing strategies. This true for companies that want to grow their business even further.

Why inbound marketing is essential for growing your business

As you are probably aware that the way we take in information has changed rapidly over the last ten years with a heavy focus now on the internet which has led experts to dub this ‘the information age’.

Joseph Ashford believes that customers have become better educated and are accessing information like never before. If they are making a purchase, very often the stats have shown that they will choose the company that provides them with the most information about their purchase.

The key goal of inbound marketing is to attract customers by grabbing their attention and drawing them in with interesting content which cannot be found elsewhere. Joe Ashford believes that businesses must employ inbound marketing and stop chasing leads as this will not give your business the growth you desire.

With many years of experience in business, Joseph Ashford has used inbound marketing in many of his businesses and has subsequently seen great success. Innovation is key with business but so is staying abreast of key trends.

How to grow your business – inbound marketing methodology

For those of you who are interested in growing your business, Joe Ashford has been kind enough to list the methodology for inbound marketing for business purposes.

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight

Before you can go off and employ inbound marketing, Joseph Ashford has taken the time to write about the different stages for your benefit.


With any marketing strategy, it is vital to attract strangers to your website and then hook them so that they become regular visitors. However, you must have something to offer users to ensure that they keep visiting. Ways to attract visitors include social media links, blog posts and website optimisation to name a few.


As previously discussed in the preceding paragraph, you will need to transform the visitors into business’ leads and access their contact details e.g. email addresses and phone numbers which can be used to send them marketing deals. Before customers hand over their details, they will be expecting something in return. Joseph Ashford believes that you can offer customers any one of the following:

  • Special offers on sign-up
  • Money off for first-time customers
  • Tip sheets
  • White papers
  • Information

Enticing visitors with landing pages and these deals will play a vital part in the conversion process for your company.


Once the users have been hooked, you will need to close the lead with an email or CRM. Joe Ashford has stressed that this stage cannot be overlooked at all and that due care must be taken.


It will then be your responsibility to engage with your base of customers and delight with new information and products.

Final words

Joseph Ashford hopes that you are well-informed about how you can grow your business with inbound marketing. He believes that every business has potential but it is your responsibility to educate yourself and keep up with the latest techniques so that you are one step ahead of the game.