Global Connectivity by Joseph Ashford | About Joe Ashford
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global connectivity by joseph ashford

Global Connectivity by Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford believes that global connectivity is a key thing for the future and wellbeing of the world. Many businesses are still unaware how global connectivity can boost their overall scope and vision. Being connected globally will help the overall success of your business as you increase the overall span of your business across the globe or local area.

What is global connectivity?

Global connectivity is the connection of people with the internet and ICT (information and communication technology). There is also the Global Connectivity Index (GCI) which is a barometer of these in terms of development and resultant value. The purpose of this is to expand the world’s connectivity.

How global connectivity benefits your business

Joseph Ashford is a firm believer that global connectivity is the way forward for the world and businesses alike. The obvious advantage of global connectivity he believes is that barriers are broken, and people around the world are closer than ever before.

Land barriers are no more as businesses can communicate quickly in real-time via programs such as Skype. Video conferencing has been an invaluable tool for businesses as they can have meetings in the comfort of their office without having to travel far. Unsurprisingly, Businesses are finding that it is easier to do business with individuals and companies which in turn, has boosted trade across the world.

So if you own a business, you are probably thinking how can I apply global connectivity to my line of work? Without being reductionist, most businesses provide goods or services, most of which are supplied by another provider e.g. a restaurant prepares food that it has bought from its supplier. A company could find a dealer that provides a product they want that is better quality or priced more effectively.

Benefits of global connectivity global connectivity by joseph ashford

There are many benefits of global connectivity and more so for business. Joseph Ashford has listed some benefits he thinks are very important to note underneath:

  • Communication is easier than ever before
  • Access to better goods and services
  • More transparency for businesses
  • Untapped potential in new markets

Joseph Ashford thinks that global connectivity is applicable for many businesses. So whether you are in music production or even plumbing, the benefits will depend on your sector of business and your approach to global connectivity.  Additionally, if you want to focus locally, there may be parts of your operations that could be helped with the use of connectivity.

More about global connectivity

Joseph Ashford has seen through his travels around the world the impact that global connectivity can have on businesses and countries. The more connections a country has, the better placed it is to deal with trade and connectivity. It is no surprise that London tops world rankings for connectivity as it has a positive trade outlook, and more importantly, the most connections to international destinations.

A positive and welcoming attitude is key to global connectivity says Joseph Ashford. Change is inevitable, and it is better to embrace the change as it will happen regardless of resistance. Connectivity will make the world a smaller place and expose human beings to one another more often which in turn will help humanity in the long run.