Getting into the music industry by Joseph Ashford | Joe Ashford
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Getting into the music industry by Joseph Ashford

Getting into the music industry by Joseph Ashford

Want to make it in the music industry? Then you are probably doing some research and looking for pointers from those who have been there and done it such as Joe Ashford. Music is a passion, and you can make this passion into a full-time job if you read articles such as the one below.

Investing in talent

Talent has to be regularly nurtured to achieve its full potential, and this is what exactly Joe Ashford hopes to accomplish with his many endeavours in the industry. Aspiring acts in the industry can expect full backing so that they can concentrate on developing their talent.

Sometimes being so involved in your music and every gritty little detail can make you lose sight of the bigger picture. An outside influence can help shape gain sight of the bigger picture. Joe Ashford has brought his years of experience in business, ear for music and savvy entrepreneurial nature together for the benefit of those in the music industry.


Marketing a music act is crucial and Joe Ashford has years of experience in music marketing. First impressions count, and it is important to be memorable. As a music act, how you present yourself as a package is critical and you must have everything nailed to create an impact. Key areas that we at Joe Ashford look at include:

  • The look – does your look fit in or stand out from your genre?
  • Lyrics – do the lyrics address issues in society or relate to feelings?
  • Music – do you have a unique sound that offers something different?
  • Reputation – what is your current reputation like?

You don’t have to be the next Lady Gaga to hit it big in the industry as talent alone can do that, but marketing is important. Think about all of the great music acts in genres you love, they typically came as a package which could be sold to labels and audiences. Joe Ashford has the industry experience required to package acts into a sellable format.

The search for talent

Being in the music industry is a labour of love and requires time and effort to unearth the next big thing. This involves attending gigs, listening to music and speaking to those in the know. Joe Ashford prides himself on his musical ear and his diverse taste in all genres of music.

Joe was brought up in a very musical household and started going to gigs from an early age. He started his own Britpop-inspired band at 16, and they managed to tour the country. It was from these early days where Joe Ashford got a real insight into the industry and what it takes to become a talent regardless of the genre.

Status of the music industry

The music industry has undergone some revolutionary changes which have shaken up things in a big way over the last several years. The increase of internet use (particularly with mobile phones) and music sharing has seen the old formats such as CD’s die a near-death. Yet many underground acts are still being discovered through the internet due to the proliferation of information. Some onlookers have said this move from the labels has helped to revitalise the industry.

Starting a record label

Many people often ask how to start a record label, but the process is much simpler than previously thought. Listed below is a process.

  • Identify music that is timeless and start a label catering to that
  • What format will you use? Digital, CD’s or vinyl?
  • Realise the importance of streaming platforms
  • Know what acts you will be targeting
  • Look out for music producers
  • Create a business plan and logo
  • Arrange legal bits such as copyrights and contracts
  • Organise distributors
  • Hire an A & R and promotional team

We hope these tried-and-tested tips from Joe Ashford will help you get into the music industry.