How content marketing can benefit small businesses by Joseph Ashford
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How content marketing can benefit small businesses by Joseph Ashford

How content marketing can benefit small businesses by Joseph Ashford

Do you own a small business and want to increase business? If you have answered a resounding yes then you need to be aware of content marketing and its benefits. With the help of Joseph Ashford, a businessman, we aim to explore the topic of ‘How content marketing can benefit small businesses’ and show you how why you should consider investing in this type of marketing.

The definition of content marketing How content marketing can benefit small businesses by Joseph Ashford

Firstly, before we head off into the rabbit hole that is content marketing it is important to establish ‘what is content marketing’. Put very simply, content marketing is the term given to a form of marketing which has a focus on the creation, publishing and the distribution of content for online audiences.

Typically, content marketing is used predominantly to retain and attract new customers to a company’s service. Joe Ashford believes that content marketing is a real force and it is the future for businesses. The world of marketing has changed rapidly with the advent of the internet. Joseph Ashford believes it is important to note that consumers do not take in marketing methods like they used to; humans have developed skills to ignore marketing methods such as adverts. A great example would be adverts on YouTube, some of which come with ‘Skip Advert’ buttons and the other more compulsory adverts, we all turn the volume down!

Content is the future

As the title says, content is the future in the marketing field. Joseph Ashford believes that marketing has evolved from the days of pitching a product or service. Nowadays, companies and businesses have to deliver information to the customers and educate them about why your services/products are the best. A consistent delivery of information for customers works on the principle that regular and consistent information will lead to customer loyalty and business.

Companies that do not understand the importance of content marketing will obviously not reap the benefits. Every business has a unique selling point, and it is important to convey these to your audience says Joe Ashford. You could offer a 24 hour service whereas, your competitor only works 9-to-5. The advantage of content marketing is that it will help you gain a market edge over your competitor.

Don’t believe what Joseph Ashford is saying is true? Then it may help for you to know that content marketing is used by companies all over the world to achieve their business and marketing aims. Companies that regularly use content marketing include the likes of:

  • John Deere
  • McDonalds
  • Microsoft
  • Apple and more

Do you see where we are going here? We understand that if you are a small business, you may be thinking that content marketing is out of your reach but think again. There are many marketing companies that offer cost-effective marketing solutions for businesses like yours and can really help you achieve your business’ aims.

Content is intrinsic to marketing

You may already be doing content marketing on behalf of your business e.g. blogs with good quality content is the way forward. Joseph Ashford likes to advise people that content is already being used in your marketing campaigns without you being aware.

SEO is a key content marketing strategy that focuses on great and regular content. Social Media, PPC, and inbound traffic are other examples of marketing that use content as a lynchpin.

Why use content marketing for your small business

Joseph Ashford believes that content marketing is suitable for businesses in all industries. Every business needs marketing whether this is on a short or long term basis. To achieve success on the internet, it is important that you deliver quality content on a regular basis. Joe Ashford has seen how some businesses are tentative of content marketing and puts this down to a lack of information. To help you understand why you should invest in content marketing, Joseph Ashford has come up with benefits underneath:

  • Improve your brand’s visibility
  • Establish a relationship with your target audience
  • Enhances your brand’s awareness
  • Build loyalty within your customers both new and old
  • Become a source of authority
  • Inform your customers before they make a purchase
  • Improves lead generation

There are lots of benefits to employing content marketing strategies for small businesses. To modify an old expression, business size does not matter when it comes to marketing.

Stay tuned for more articles on business by Joseph Ashford.