Is advertising still relevant and effective? By Joseph Ashford | Joe Ashford
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Is advertising still relevant and effective By Joseph Ashford

Is advertising still relevant and effective? By Joseph Ashford

Have you wondered is advertising still relevant and effective? Well wonder no more as resident expert Joseph Ashford is here to help you today with his market proven expertise. As the CEO of many businesses, he has many years of experience when it comes to business and exploiting business advertisement for the benefit of said companies.

What is advertising? Is advertising still relevant and effective By Joe Ashford

This could be a subject of a whole article itself but Joe Ashford believes it is important to set the groundwork before we discuss this topic at length. We have all come across advertising in our general day-to-day lives where it is an unavoidable fact of modern day life.

Advertising can be defined as a form of marketing be it audio or visual with the aim of promoting a service, product, or idea to a mass audience.

Changes to advertising

The modern-day world of the internet era has brought about revolutionary changes to our everyday lives which will never be the same again. Like any adaptable beast, advertising has kept up to speed with the latest changes and morphed into a more modern version which is why many people ask ‘is advertising still relevant and effective’?

Joseph Ashford, our in-house advisor has seen the transformation from traditional methods to new advertising methods (more about these later) over the course of his lifetime. It is his Joe Ashford’s belief that advertising has to adapt to stay current and use its’ innate understanding of humans but on a different more peripheral level.

Traditional advertising

Traditional advertising is the term given to the (older) methods used by companies to achieve their desired effect on their audience. The majority of traditional advertising depended heavily on the visual impact it created with a mix of audio methods. Joe Ashford is of the belief that traditional advertising is still valid in this modern world but believes businesses should not rely on this method alone nor should they exclude it.

Traditional advertising refers to the following methods:

  • Radio – audio
  • Magazines – visual
  • Newspapers – visual
  • Advertising boards – visual
  • Television – audio-visual

Traditional advertising still has the ability to generate business but it has to be employed for the right business otherwise as Joe Ashford says it could be a waste of time and money. Audience is a critical factor with this realm and will be a gamble like all advertising.

Take newspapers, Joseph Ashford says if you target local newspapers which may be appropriate for your business, this could be a great way to reach say an older audience that is less likely to be exposed to new forms of advertising.  Joe Ashford has seen great success with newspaper advertising with his businesses in different sectors and has experienced the great power that this could bring in terms of results and business.

Non-traditional advertising

As the name suggests non-traditional advertising is a little different to the older methods and has come along in a big way over the last several years. Joseph Ashford has seen the change in advertising and believes that this method is something all businesses should get behind. Our resident advisor thinks that businesses have to incorporate non-traditional advertising into their marketing plans or otherwise they will not succeed.

Should your business be in a market where there is a particular niche market or special demographic, non-traditional marketing can help you create a great impression on this audience if executed well says Joe Ashford.

Examples of non-traditional marketing

  • Google adverts
  • Mobile advertising
  • Aerial advertising
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • YouTube videos

Joseph Ashford believes that with non-traditional advertising, it is very important to analyse whether this medium is right for you and your business. A plumbing business may not benefit from guerrilla marketing but a music act or media company, something more quirky could benefit from this different kind of exposure.

The future of advertising Joe Ashford Advertising

Joe Ashford thinks that advertising will always be in some use as it is important for companies to communicate their message, brand, service or product to their audience. However, it must be used wisely and with the view of always looking in the future because this is where companies fail as Joseph Ashford has seen himself. Companies come up and forget they need to innovate and stay current.

“Social media advertising is a gap that businesses need to fill as it is a burgeoning market and has so much potential.” – Joseph Ashford. This statement is backed up by a recent article in broadsheet newspaper The Guardian about Facebook and the company’s high profit margins with a near 60% increase in advertising revenue.

Final words by Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford believes that advertising is relevant and still effective but only if it is current to the audience and the modern-day world. Should you rely on old and outdated methods, this could result in the failure of advertising campaign.